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Skateboarding, doors, and new friends.
A video by Sergio Pontillo filmed during 9 months in Barcelona.

25 minutes long plus extra 20 minutes montage, with raw footage and a lot of fun stunts.

Featuring Sebastian Isemo, Rahka Walter, Adrian Morris, Joshua Perkin, Alfie Williams, Efrem Sapienza, Pepe, Moreno Elia Hebling, Luca Vecchiato, Matias Ndong, Cristian Sanchez, Elvis Barlow-Smith, Daniel Cardone, Hans Mulleners, David Aita, Zhen Wang, Aziz Al Wassi, Adrián Peña Fernández, Pablo Marín García, Lerri, Simon Broberg, Alecx Andersson, Michele Pace and Francesco Cantoro.

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