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Image of WELCOME (BACK) // TOC TOC U.S.A. dvd

50 days across the United States of America for the first time.
A skateboarding video filmed, edited and directed by Sergio Pontillo
Runtime: 20:41''
Edition of 30 copies

Dvd includes WELCOME (BACK) + 30 minutes of raw footage and extras + the previous full videos NICE TO MEET YOU (Sweden) and GOODBYE GOODNIGHT (Napoli)

With Rylan Preabt and Kaito Miyazato
And also featuring: Sergio Pontillo, Connor Feist, Aaron Israel Amescua, Noah Campbell, Kayne Ames, Diver Miyazato, Alan Nino, Abel Aguirre, Antonio Thornton, Giammarco Turriziani Colonna, Henry Blanton, Shane Falco, Charlie Summers